Webinar OnDemand - Aug22 In-house Agency Tips

Watch our Webinar OnDemand and discover Practical Tips for Improving the Productivity and Efficiency of your In-house Agency. 

Join Margaret Foley,  Simple's Chief Customer Officer as shares some of her industry insights and tips to:

  • Simplify your traffic management process - effortlessly handle requests and kickstart projects sooner
  • Efficiently manage your creative team's resources - easily plan capacities at a glance
  • Boost productivity and efficiency by automating repetitive tasks - a crucial step for any team
  • Track what matters - utilize metrics to showcase the efficiency, productivity, and ROI of your in-house agency
  • Discover our top tech features that streamline work for in-house agency teams

This 30 minute Webinar is a must watch for anyone working in an in-house agency or any company looking to move their creative operations in-house.  

Webinar OnDemand