Webinar OnDemand - Top 5 Data Metrics

Experience our Webinar OnDemand and discover how data can  influence your decision-making in Marketing Operations! 

Discover insights on these pivotal areas:

  1. Marketing Efficiency & Productivity:

    • Understand how to gauge your speed to market, from initial briefing to final asset approval.
    • Streamline your processes, cutting down on multiple versions and numerous amendment rounds for smoother execution.
    • Spot bottlenecks and missed SLAs, paving the way for optimized workflows.
  2. Marketing Compliance, Risk Management & Legal:

    • Ensure all approvals have a comprehensive audit trail for ultimate compliance confidence.
    • Dive deep into brand, risk, and legal requirements, ensuring no stone is left unturned.
    • Transition away from cumbersome email or chat-based approvals towards a more efficient process.

By tuning in to this on-demand video, you'll gain a deep understanding of how leveraging data can guide your strategic decisions.

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